Wednesday, 22 May 2019

How to make your social media quotation page on facebook


Quotation page and pictures are one thing that has gained much attention on social media specifically on Facebook. Quotation page on Facebook has pictures in the form of quotations or just the quotation posts, these quotations are the pieces of wisdom, humor, laughter, knowledge, and inspiration, some of us agree to them and some of us don’t.

Quotations Pages

buy instagram likesThese quotations pages and the posts are so famous on facebook and other social media sites because we live in a world of technology where every piece of information comes public in no time and we get bombarded with every type of information, in such time it feels good to find some posts to which we can actually relate to or we can find something more positive and spread good energy. These are the kind of posts that we can very easily with no doubt ad no judgment share on facebook.

With the advancement of technology, it has now become very easy to create a page on the social network especially on Facebook, making a page and then sharing a post is another easy task. Quotations can be made on a picture and then can be shared as a photo or else they can be shared as Facebook posts.

Social Media

There are now many different online tools available that can be used to create social media quotation page on facebook. these tools allow making quotation pictures. Applications and software can be downloaded on phones and desktop to get the desired results. Most of these tools are available for free. Just download them and start using them.

Facebook Pages

There are some policies that must be followed when creating a page on facebook. in 2016 facebook came up with some new policies regarding the test and size of the image and posts. Previously facebook preferred to allow more of that pictures that have more text on them but now it will boost more of these posts that have less text written on them. not just this but now Facebook has also sent a warning to the users about how the use of more texts in the pictures will negatively impact their posts and advertisements. The posts and the pictures with more text get the least attention from followers, they don’t make them appear on the news feed only some can get attention those also on paid content.