Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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Windows 8.1 from Lenovo

New Laptops with Windows 8.1 from Lenovo

Lenovo a reputed brand selling laptops, smartphones and other related gadgets has announced a new laptop series (the Lenovo G40/G50), apart from the Lenovo Z50 laptop and Lenovo C260 all-in-one PC. Lenovo has also announced the Flex 2 and Yoga 2. The  G40/G50 with windows 8.1 from lenovo series are the new-entry level series and […]

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Unblocked Games

5 Benefits Of Unblocked Games You Did Not Know

Unblocked are those games which are not allowed in school and colleges. These games have many benefits which people miss out. Unblocked games have a different kind of ways to help humans move through different phases of life. They are a good agent in providing a sufficient diversion for a busy life. Following is a […]

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Reasons | Why Backlinks Not Created By Commenting

All blogger want to create their backlinks in good reputed website to improve their blog rank or traffic. But maximum blogger don’t know how to create backlinks for their blogs. So here we are posting a article for this type of information. Commenting are basic trick to create backlink. Everybody comment in the blog after […]

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DU Battery saver

Battery Saving Apps Review for Androids

To have an android phone is one of the advantages people have because of the fact that it never fails to give satisfaction to its users. We can listen music, watch videos, take photos, saves various types of files, play games, surfing the net which all feature found in one device and then we can say everything […]

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Cheap airline tickets

Cheap airline tickets for traveling

Some people are very fond of traveling. Whenever these people think of travel, they prefer to buy cheap airline tickets. It is not a good idea to buy tickets before your plan is finalized and dates are confirmed because most airlines charged penalty fees to make changes to airlines ticket. The day you fly is […]

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